i am badly affected by negativism,what can i do to get out of all these guys?when i talk to people,the words that comes out of my mouth is negativity,what can i do to improve on all these?People wqith experience please please enlighten me

Here’s a positive. . I’m hungry. We should eat eggs and bacon.

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i like working hard,i am proud that i work hard,but when i see someone who is working harder than me i feel bad but i try to not get envy/jealous but look out to be inspired by him/her

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I’d say you don’t have to swing from negative to positive and be mr. happy. I had to work up to becoming positive. First I had a huge med change and jump started my getting out of negativity.

For a while I just went for neutral. No good, no bad… things just are. Then at least I didn’t come off as a negative person, just a realistic one.

I’m glad your working hard and you should be proud of the work you do. This is NOT easy. I’m rooting for you. Congratulations on the work you’ve done and the fact that your willing to work more to over come this. :thumbsup:

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No toast?..

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Cheers to you,man,haha

when your about to say something like ’ it is a horrible day '…change it instead to… ’ it is a beautiful day '…even if it is rainy or a gloomy day.
the more you do this and ’ catch yourself ’ and change the perspective the more you are reinforcing that said change within your mind, within a week you will notice a difference, you will be more positive.
take care