Negative symptoms of psychosis or depression?

I’ve had four psychotic episodes where I’ve been hallusinating. Since my first psychotic episode I’ve felt it hard to function to do daily tasks like wash and cook and brush teeth. I felt really depressed after my first psychotic episode but feel better now. Do you think I have negative symtoms of psychosis or depression?

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have heard some say-
hallucination = psychois

Others say “no way”

Those monks with a hit record are now singing to me. It is beauiful and scary for reasons I keep to myself.

I dont think hallucination= psychosis.(opinion).

I would say depression because of psychosis.


why do you say that?

For some, not all, depression is caused by psychosis because the person has lost touch with reality. They develop negative symptoms because of it.

From my understanding its negative symptoms if u feel little motivation flat isolating
And with depression there can also be sadness change in appetite change in sleep pattern.
So when u say u feel better, do u still fit in one of these categories?

What is your diagnosis?

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My diagnoses is scizophrenia. I felt better but then I slipped into feeling depressed but got a test for underactive thyroid and they gave me thyroxine and I feel better. I still struggle with motivation and washing myself though.

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Some weebles are wobbles but not all wobbles are wables.

Those are symptoms of both and I don’t think it’s easy to tell the difference.

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@Lowri, Since you say you are not depressed now, it’s probably negative symptoms.

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