I feel like i have negative symptoms even tho im not diagnosed with schizophrenia

my doc i think is just focused on treatment and maybe doesn’t want to diagnose me maybe because of my age or just doesnt think a diagnosis is that important but i feel really unmotivated i have online school work to do and i havent done anything in weeks i don’t even think i am going to graduate i jus listen to music and am on the internet all day also i am very anti-social like i avoid going anywhere that i have to interact with people, i don’t know exactly what all negative symptoms are but i feel like psychosis isn’t the only thing im dealing with i dont know really

Do you feel depressed? A lot of that can be explained by depression as well.

I have depression with psychotic features, maybe you do too? My diagnosis started out as a vague psychotic one as well.

i was really depressed in the months before my psychosis started but after having it for a while now i just have mood swings but when i get depressed i get severely depressed and it is pretty often

I googled negative schizophrenic symptoms and came up with this.

Negative symptoms include blunting of affect, poverty of speech and thought, apathy, anhedonia, reduced social drive, loss of motivation, lack of social interest, and inattention to social or cognitive input

I have experienced all of these.