Can depression cause psychosis?

I’ve noticed lately I have been feeling pretty depressed and I think its due to my mother’s ovarian cancer and the fact that i’m left alone at night without kay so I have nobody to talk to about the new low deep voice I keep hearing whispering in my ear. Problem is I don’t know what he voice is saying it’s mumbled too softly. I heard it last night at first when I was watching family guy then when I laid down to go to bed I heard it several more times.

Severe depression can come with hallucinations and delusions so yeah, it’s called psychotic depression

I hope things pick up for you

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Yes, I’ve read about this in medical documents and heard about it from medical professionals. It’s automatically considered a severe form of depression when it has psychotic features.

Maybe at least you can take comfort in the fact you’re probably stronger than you think.

Yes, it did in my case. I’m not sure how it works with a preexisting psychotic condition, but severe depression can trigger psychosis.

that’s just it I have a preexisting psychotic illness and I don’t know if the depression is causing it or if it’s the fact I went without my Haldol for two weeks (it was stolen, long story)

I remember your story. A bit of both, I imagine. The betrayal + the frustration + the lack of meds + the living situation can all exacerbate your depression. The stress and the lack of meds along with the depression can trigger the psychosis.

Are you straight sz or have your docs ever considered sza?

People can become psychotic when depressed.

I know that I become more suspicious and paranoid when depressed :confused:

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Me, too. My thinking gets very strange in severe depression.

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My psychosis usually flares up on my depression and calms on my mania… It’s a hell of a ride each day. I get intrusive thoughts a lot when depressed also.

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I think a significant distinction needs to be made: In my experience and knowledge, depression in and of itself, does not cause psychosis. BUT, depression can bring out psychotic symptoms as a result…major depression with psychotic features. The two are different, but are linked to one another. Psychosis can elicit depression, and depression can be fraught with psychotic features.

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my diagnosis has been changed several times. But the latest is sza with ptsd. I don’t know what the new pdoc will change it to when I see her in two months.

I wouldn’t say that depression itself causes psychosis but that any psychotic tendencies or predispostions could be worsened by the negativistic / nihilistic thinking style typical of depression. The best psychotherapies for that would include:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT – & scroll down
10 StEP –

severe depression I har can cause psychosis…that was the case for me

Wooo yeah. I heard that from my pdoc. Then he said ‘we need to figure out if your depression is causing this psycosis or your sz so we’ll know how to treat it’. I was NOT happy. (Not with him of course. He’s just trying to help but damn. I want everything to stay organized!)

It started all with depression in my case ans then psychotic ep. Im still depressed and sz.