Negative Symptoms & medication

Are terrible and I hate them. I guess I didn’t really ever consider myself as having negative symptoms but over time I began to realize I did…and geodon has actually been helping them…

Like my motivation thing. I can have absolutely no motivation for anything but be in a really good mood and not depressed whatsoever so it’s separate from the depression. Also it’s different from depression because depression I won’t do things because they’re too overwhelming but negative symptom it’s just…I don’t have the motivation to…no energy…

Also my ability to pay attention is bad. All the other APs I have been on have made those issues PRONOUNCED like made them a lot worse, some meds made them worse than others. Geodon is the first one ever that has IMPROVED them for me and made me realize I really do have negative symptoms…it was so weird suddenly having all this motivation…

However even though it’s really been helping my negative symptoms unfortunately it hasn’t been doing anything for my positive but I just went up a dose so we’ll see.


I know it sounds bad but I don’t think anything is taking away my dislike towards showering. My wife makes me shower, but meds or not I would probably wait months to shower on my own.

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Well that’s why I’m so surprised bc current APs are not DESIGNED to treat negative symptoms…they are designed to treat positive…

But I was reading a paper and it said Geodon is better for it I can’t find it again but other papers seem to agree."ziprasidone produced significantly greater improvements in overall [negative] symptomatology than placebo."

“The findings suggest an advantage for ziprasidone for negative symptoms”

The general consensus on ziprasidone seems to be that it is not as effective as other APs in treating positive symptoms but seems to be one of the best for negative. Something to keep in mind for people on here who have said their negative are worse than their positive or that they only have negative!!


I can totally support that. When I was on geodon I showered a lot more

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Id like to see a study comparing geodon to vraylar.

I loved geodon when I was on it and my wife liked it too. I got taken off when they added invega. Rip geodon

My medication actually make my negative symptoms much worse.
Some days I do even have the motivation to watch t.v. or post on here.
I am on Thorazine and Luvox at the moment.

It is more common for meds to make negative symptoms worse. This is because while some areas of the brain dopamine is too high and that causes positive symptoms ,other areas of the brain dopamine is too low and this causes negative symptoms. APs do not take this difference into account and just lower dopamine in the whole brain. So that makes the negative symptoms worse because there wasn’t enough dopamine there to begin with.

I think maybe geodon can help with this because it raises levels of norepenephrine in the brain which can become dopamine and maybe help in those areas where there is shortage. That’s a rough theory though.

And also the increase of epinephrine has a nice antidepressant effect.
Geodon is more selective in the types of dopamine receptors it affects compared to Thorazine.
I am on Thorazine because it helps with my anxiety as well as psychosis.
How is the Geodon helping with your demons?

I’ve only been on the increased dose for one day so I don’t know yet. I’ll keep you guys updated though!


I read in a CME lecture that geodon is supposed to be stellar for negative and cognitive symptoms on paper. It has actions at serotonergic receptors which reduce your appetite and improve your motivation.

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