Geodon + seroquel

I didn’t take geodon yet. Is there anybody who has decreased negative symptoms?And feel concentrated and motivated?
Maybe my doc will give me this med. Now I am taking seroquel 300 mg and 200 mg amisupride and my cognition isn’t well.??

I take both. I still struggle with the motivation but when an old pdoc tried taking me off of the Seroquel my motivation got really bad. In addition to these meds my pdoc tried me on Saphris. That helped a lot with the motivation but I gained 30lbs in a month. It’s hard because these meds often just treat the positive symptoms. Good luck!! :sunny:

I take 80 X2 Geodon and 400 X 2 Seroquel. These drugs treat my symptoms, but I don’t think they help much with the negative symptoms. I take Sarcosine for that.

There is written in leaflet that decreases negative symptoms.What do you think?

Has it help to anybody(geodon) with positive thinking about yourself?