Negative symptoms and Geodon

What should I expect? Better negative symptoms on Geodon?

How’s your negative symptoms on Geodon vs other meds?

@velociraptor What meds did you try? How’s Geodon vs other meds?

No one is on Geodon? Idk who is other than pixel and ninjastar but ninjastar is not on ap now.

So many I’ve lost track.

Better than most with positive symptoms and it doesn’t make my negs untolerable like older APs (CPZ and Haldol). Rexulti was slightly better for negatives for me, but not as good with positives. Made it hard for me to concentrate at work. In terms of negs, feels like I drag around a mental boat anchor 24/7. Exhausting.


Thanks @velociraptor 15

Here is a link to with user reviews for Geodon.

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Yea they say Abilify is better for negatives than Geodon, I was expecting that but I cant get back on Abilify anymore.

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