Need your help for a future laptop

i ll buy a new laptop. the problem is that i dont understand a thing. i just surf on forums, play games on facebook and i need a camera…which mark do you respect, how many inches and which windows should i choose(10 or 8)?
p.s. there are Acer, Asus, dell, Hp, lenovo, toshiba

Laptop computer is powerful enough to accomplish a variety of task. If you just want gaming, forum and social networking, perhaps you can get an iPad suitable even for the elderly. Sorry for endorsing specific recommendation, but a laptop computer has way too much aspects to consider.

You can get pretty much any laptop and it’ll do the things you want. You might want a laptop with a higher screen resolution like 1920x1080. Anything lower will be a pain. Also, Apple products are way overpriced, get something cheap. Windows 10 is fine and a free upgrade from 7 and 8 so don’t worry about the operating system.

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You’re just saying the right thing right!

I am perplexed with current trends of computer technology as some people are even obsessed with DDR3 / DDR4 and bus speed, that size of CPU L2 Cache, the RPM of HDD, --you know, stuff like that.

When I bought my latest laptop I did a lot of research but I needed some special components because of the particular uses I have for it. There are so many options. To browse, play Facebook games, and such almost anything will work.

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Did you mean “because of the”?

Your sentense would be much easier to comprehend then.

Yep, it was a typo.

just buy a rock, there pretty fun to play with also the social aspect is good aswel just throw it through a window and ask for it back

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I agree that Apple products are high priced. Since you don’t state anything of a complex nature that you would be using it for I would suggest an android tablet. Their keyboard is better suited than Apple. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for one…for instance, Amazon sells their Fire tablets beginning at $49.00.

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Suggest avoiding Acer and Lenovo for sure. Acer is a low-end manufacturer and puts whatever is on sale that week into their systems regardless of how crappy the part is. Their machines look fancy, but don’t last. Expect it to blow up within two years at most, but probably sooner.

Lenovo has also gotten pretty junky since they acquired IBM’s former PC biz. They do the same thing as Acer while pretending to still offer IBM quality. They don’t.

Dell has gotten MUCH better since going back to a privately held company. The four new systems in our home are all Dell. We are very happy with them.

HP is a crap shoot (rolling dice). Sometimes their machines are good, sometimes not. Their quality control can be wildly variable.

Asus puts out very good hardware. They are picky about what parts they use. They tend to cost a bit more because of this, but if you want a machine that will last they are a good choice.

Edit: Forgot Toshiba. Their problem is that they make their own hard drives, which are junk, and insist on using them in their laptops. Toshiba laptops would actually be pretty decent if not for coming with Toshiba hard drives. I’ve heard their solid-state drives are okay, but anything this company makes that has a moving part is something to avoid.

Agree with @Malvok with Apple. Sure they’re pretty, but you’re not getting anything close to what you’re paying for. A screen resolution of 1920x1080 is really nice to have, but expensive on a laptop. At the very least you’ll want 1600x900 resolution with an HDMI output to connect to higher resolution displays (e.g. your standard full HD flatscreen TV).

For operating systems, if you want bullet-proof, consider Linux. Windows 10 is pretty stable, but still prone to infection.

Hope this helps.



hp is the coolest

thank you all. in fact what i want like resolution and screen there is essentially acer… yeah, theyre shitty…probably

Additional thoughts… There are these things called Chromebooks. They are a lightweight Netbook that runs a modified version of the Chrome Web browser and have no operating system otherwise. The browser IS the operating system. They may or may not have local storage depending on the model you purchase. They don’t run much in the way of software outside of what can be used in the Chrome browser.

Here are the advantages:

  1. Dirt cheap
  2. Super reliable and impossible to infect
  3. Have no maintenance costs


  1. Often cheaply made (with Acers being the worst)
  2. Cannot run conventional software applications (purchased games, photo editors, etc.)
  3. May not have local storage and force you to use Google’s cloud storage. That can be a problem depending on what type of Net access you have.

My experience has been that Samsung makes one of the best Chromebooks right now. We own two Chromebooks. I picked up one cheap and actually like using it to write on (an Acer that I suspect will die soon) and another Acer for my daughter purchased through a school program. I had to send that one back under warranty twice as it went through two mainboards.