Any advice on buying a new laptop?

what brands are the best and what is the best value?

i have asus and it works perfectly. I had a HP laptop which was good, but keyboard started to malfunction. I heard MSi is a good brand also. I would choose between those 3

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I have an MSI gaming laptop since 2015, its still working great. Why do you want a laptop? Gaming or just to browse the internet?

it also depends what are you gonna use it for. For decent gaming laptop youd need to spend around 1100€, while if you planning to warch stuff like netflix and surf the web around range 600€ would be good

I only buy Apple. They are more expensive but they are very reliable and hold their value too.

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HP stands for hewlett packard ? never heard of asus or MSi…but thanks for the input @Newlyborn

@aziz…i use it for internet but my dad needs it too for storing statements and to allow for printing stickers for work…its straight forward enough but the laptop will need to be able to do that

Currently AMD are better and cheaper. Ryzen 4000 or wait a few months for Ryzen 5000. 8Gb RAM is enough if you don’t game.

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One thing to get is SSD, never get a laptop with just a regular spinning hard drive. They fail more, are much slower and consume more battery.


@aziz, @newlyborn @bobbilly …im in ireland and google search says i can buy one for around €300 foR an asus and a lenovo

what is SSD?..

Digital storage, Solid State Drive. It doesn’t have moving parts like HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

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i dont need the laptop for gaming…i assume gaming is computer games, right?

Still get an SSD. SSD aren’t just for gaming.

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@aziz @Newlyborn @bobbilly …would i be stupid to buy one for €300 …would that be a crap laptop,a google search is quoting those prices

Post the link here, it depends on the specs, what’s inside. A good non gaming laptop should be around 600€ like @Newlyborn said.

Any modern laptop will be fine for browsing, just make sure it has a ssd.

argos laptops please click the link for laptops prices, thanks

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This is cheaper but the processor is much slower than the one above at 600€:

I have bought a toshiba in the past, it lasted a year. I bought an asus, it lasted a year, both costing under £300. Finally I bought a lenovo for £300 in an ebay sale.and it has lasted 5 years. It does a systems check every month automatically.

After 5 years two keys have gone defunct, but other than that it works well to this very day. I can no longer do the pound sign and x often sticks.

Lenovo are a good brand in my opinion. (I don’t game on it though.)