Need to vent

I’m doing a meds change right now and it’s kicking my ass. I slept all but a couple hours yesterday. I woke up this morning to a terrible mess in the kitchen. Why can’t these people just step in and help when I’m down like this. It would have been so nice to wake up to a clean kitchen. So I’m scrubbing stuck on food at 4:30 in the morning, not what I wanted to be doing for sure. A**holes. Whew! That’s better. Thanks for listening.


Dang. :open_mouth: Rude of them. Glad you feel better now that you’ve gotten that out!


“Tut” … “Tackey” (shakes head)

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What meds are you changing to and what was your rational for the change?

Oh honey I was just continuing to fight off this darned depression by tweaking my anti-depressant a bit to see if I could shake these blues. So I’ve been messing with an extra 50 mg of Zoloft on top of the 100 mgs I already take. But I had accidentally stopped taking my mood stabilizer for a week and I was going hypo-manic with the extra Zoloft so I stopped taking it until I could get the mood stabilizer back in my system. So I’ve had a little increase in my depressive symptoms. So now I’ve started the extra Zoloft back up again and I’ve been exhausted. It will pass, I think. When I first started taking the Zoloft in the first place I was really exhausted, and it passed when I got used to it.


Hope you work things out @leaf.


Thank you sweetie, that’s really nice of you.


Have you ever tried a light box, particularly this time of year?

You’ve probably heard this before, but exercise is one of the best treatments for depression, but least utilised…

It’s just finding something enjoyable and sticking to it no matter how depressed you are. It’s just finding that one thing that works for you.

For me it’s leading weekly walking groups and trying to do some home exercises during the day.

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