Need to half Latuda Pill?

Can I half a Latuda pill? It made my heart & pulse beat WAY too fast + it revved me up & made me a complete motor mouth, but I don’t know if I can half it or not?

Can you call your doctor or pharmacist to ask them? Thanks.

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Hi Joanne,

I called my psychiatrist that I’ve been seeing for 7 years & they said I have to go back through intake, so I didn’t get an answer from them. I called a few other docs & a pharmacist too, but they basically gave me the run-a-round & wanted me to come back in - Probably for insurance money… Lol!..

You’re already a client, why would you need to go through the intake process again. Why didn’t your psychiatrist tell you to come in to see him or adjust the dose and send it to the pharmacy. What kind of outfit are you dealing with?

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I just seen your message. I got the meds through an inpatient program where I had to stay & I haven’t made it back to the psychiatrist yet. They say if you miss going for so long, then you have to go back to intake. The pharmacist basically just told me to go back through intake & see a psychiatrist. I tried calling the woman who wrote the meds, but I talked to a nurse I think & she said that they don’t write refills even though I tried to explain the situation. The place where I was going for 7 years said they couldn’t write the Nuerontin for me - Even tho another doc there wrote it for me before he left- even though I have schiz, bi-polar, psychosis, nerve damage, & a whole lot more. So basically I’d have to jump on a bus & ride with some transportation person that I know nothing about for an hour or two to get all my meds!

The closest place that will write it besides where I’m going is an hour or two away :-/

I dont know what to suggest, other than talk to your prescribing doctor about lowering your dose.
Latuda can be cut in half - but you should consult with your psychiatrist about it, I would not attempt to lower the dose on your own. I am sure there is a way to contact him, even if it is by phone or email

Ok Thank you Wave & Joanne. I will try to get in touch with the pharmacist tomorr or the next day.