Change without notice

I got my latuda refill a few days ago, I finished off my old bottle and opened the new bottle and it is labeled to just take half the dose of what I was on. I didn’t know she was going to change it. Can she change it without notifying me?

Call her.
It might be a mistake.

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I agree with bananotto. Your pdoc might have forgotten to tell you about the med change.

cutting your dose in half without talking to you about it doesnt sound right at all i think its more likely a mistake on someones part it does happen you should call the doctor and make sure thats right i dont know what dose you were on but a 50% drop is more than a reduction , did you have any complaints about the latuda ?

no, I didn’t have any complaints. She said something about someday reducing my meds because she believed being on so many meds was doing more harm than good. Especially since she said she changed my diagnosis to schizoaffective depressive type.

I’d stay on the full dose you were on until you contact your doctor. Could’ve been a Pharmacy mistake.


I talked to my doctor’s nurse. she said the doctor is trying to take me off some of my meds. like the latuda and clonidine and took me off valium but kept me on Ativan.