Need new glasses

I cant tell if I should go to my family friend who will get me good service on eye test and give me discount, but has a somewhat limited option of frames. Or go to a public shop that is nearby (less waiting time) and then order my glasses online.
I have a big head and its possible the ones I like the look of on the net will be too tight. And it will be much more expensive. But I also dont want to go all that way and wait around for a while, and then end up with frames I don’t like a lot :thinking:

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Most online stores have virtual try ons, and give you the dimensions of the frames

Won’t recommend a specific website, as it depends what you want

But… many will have discounts.

I paid £105 for Raybans with transitions lenses that would have cost me a lot more money elsewhere

Have done this twice now and I have had good experiences with them


We get all of ours from Eye Buy Direct. Very pleased with the product and service.

Excellent prices.


What? I paid 700 something $ for just new transition lenses last year. Same frame.

Might be more expensive in the US

I had some old frames re-done with transitions lenses by an indy shop in town and he charged me £90 to supply and fit them

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Thanks - LensCrafters in the US is a monopoly - i will try online. Just never tried getting glasses online.

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I need new glasses as well. I really need my eyes to stabilize after having high blood sugar to get them though. Don’t want to end with wrong prescription. Going to get bifocals this time, since my up close vision is getting as bad as my near sightedness.

My doctor sent me a referral for my diabetes eye checkup so I should be getting a call from them soon.


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