Need help need insight

I have been having this delusion that I’m really possessed by a devil, I need some outside help. I have no control over my body or speech (can be categorized as depersonalization disorder) and I hear lies from a voice saying all these evil blasphemous thoughts about the Christian religon. It perverts my thoughts about holy people and things in the bible, and says many blasphemous things. I am hopeless believeing I’m going to burn in hell forever. I need insight, do you think I am really possessed or just severely mentally ill?

I don’t think you’re really possessed. Religion is a strange thing. I don’t think it’s wrong to question religious norms. Maybe this is just your brain’s way of distancing you from absolute unquestioning belief, which can be dangerous too. If you read about Jesus, you can see that he is very loving and merciful. I don’t think he’d be mad at you for your blasphemous thoughts and voices. If it makes you feel any better, you can always confess your “sins” to God and ask to be forgiven. God is always willing to forgive.

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I do not think that you are possessed.

I talk to God and God has helped me overcome delusions or false beliefs. I do believe in God.

Maybe the possession by a devil is really your questioning in disguise, something you feel you can’t be responsible for thinking.

I think ur ill hunni. I don’t believe a ghost can posses an adult body at all tbh. I used to think I was going to hell but not anymore. U need to talk to ur shrink. Maybe up ur meds or change them. Good luck.

Religion can be seen from two radically different sides.
Religion can be used from two radically different sides.

If it it being used against you in the short and the intensional long run, then it is being used incorrectly.

If a religion is used for only a specific group, then it has no respect for all of mankind, thus it is selfish.

If something opposes you in a form of religious disguise, then it intends to use you for its own benefit.

Thus the choice must be to push such perverse opposition aside and stand firm to defend what you know is right. This then prevents you from being pulled into a place of which you do not belong. If you are dragged into unfamiliar grounds, then your defense is diminished, thus it is logical to stay put in your own grounds instead. Surround yourself with that which you know is right.

Whether or not the source is a form of delusion or not, YOU are the center. YOU are in control.

Thus no lessor has any right to change that.