Need direction

i am never good enough never enough to myself i sit here alone as i will the next two days thinking about why my life turned out this way why my brain has been my nemesis all my hopes and dreams dashed because i dont know how to be social im odd strange a benefits scrounger cant maintain friendships cant even look people in the eye wanting to avoid the hole thing if it wasnt for my sister and mum i would sorry for the depressing post.

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Well your not alone bro I can sympathize with your post. I don’t really know how long I want to keep doing this. Death is the last stage of life. It’s my people, they are the only reason I’m alive.


I call this a temporary loss of life. You need to find crutches that will help you get back to yourself. I find sucking on lemon drops works. Something outside ourselves is required. Time alone will not heal it because of the lifelessness of it. You didn’t get that way alone and you cannot crawl out of it alone. Good luck, chordy.


you have to make the most of what you have in life.
remember there are many muggles out there who feel the same and they have nothing wrong with them.
you struggle through a debilitating illness which takes courage and effort and strength, so you are not doing’ nothing .
take care

thankyou everyone bryan ashley i hope you feel less like that soon,
chordy tell me more as i said -----------need guidance do you mewan therapy?
darksith thankyou thats post was just what i wanted to hear.

I think you are describing depression.

When I’m depressed, I remind myself that when the emotions go, so does the thinking. Therefore, I don’t too much try to think myself silly at those times. Rather I try to engage in sensible physical exercise, since I wasn’t going to do much anyway, so why not at least do that?


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Small steps…

I’m medicated and such so I like coffee! Go out every day to a local shop and have one! if the staff are there then be nice and animated and say thankyou and look interested…

Bring a book! Read a couple of choice lines whilst drinking your coffee…look for eye contact but be cool!

It’s tiny steps and you don’t rush but get confidence…you never know how the world will treat you but you’ve got to maintain a great eastern thing…being open to experience! It’s the Tao…It’s the belief at the bottom of a budhists mantra…it’s an Islamists creed…all life is open to experience and you need to place yourself there…

Schizophrenia sucks bollocks. It’s not very life affirming and it’s often problematic…but still you learn to fight and there’s some strategies above…Don’t be religious…be affirming and learn to improve and often that starts with your treatment team…get on the pills. Take them religiously and start that small step forward!!!

A friend in the struggle,


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