Need advice

I tend to zone out when I try to concentrate for too long.

Voices keep butting in and I lose focus.

What’s the best way to concentrate without losing focus ?




What are you trying to focus on?

Would listening to some music help? I find music with lyrics can be distracting, but music that’s purely instrumental, like classical music, can suppress voices without distracting you.


Movies mainly.

I always have a movie running as background noise, but I can never remember what I watched the next day.


If it’s movies you are talking about, taking a break is easy. Sometimes I stop movies, and don’t go back to them for a week. Just wait until you are ready again. Although I have to say if it’s Dwayne Johnson or Jason statham, I never pause the movies. Lol

I found that I can watch a full movie straight if it interests me and if it doesn’t trigger me so its not really concentration for me. Problem is that lots of stuff trigger me since having sz even blood and seeing ppl faint or sick not only scary stuff. Social movies make me sleep as I dont really have a social life since stopping Abilify and it makes me sad watching such movies.

What I can watch is funny movies/shows, cartoons and mob movies/shows but too much mob stuff makes me paranoid.

Actually I can watch for 8hrs if I have nothing to do.


When I watch movies I try to concentrate more on the subtext and plot of the movie.

I’m terrible at remembering character’s names though, unless if it’s something I’ve seen before.


Sometimes subtitles help me focus on a movie’s dialogue.


Lately I just watch movies as an excuse to stare at beautiful actresses. I don’t even mind the plot…

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Ha-ha I always pause movies i have the pixar cartoon movie luca paused five seconds in and saw this thread, nice to know others r maybe similar I thought maybe I have add. 😶‍🌫️CH33RS

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I prefer watching 40min episodes rather than 1h30’ - 2hrs movies. Because need to pause it then I tend to postpone resuming till way later.

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Voices here too, they’re all nice now or pretending but a couple characters who crucify ied me mentally are really infuriating little youth friend cartoony pure evil chubby white men, also the no words music is fascinating Ill test it. Scrumdidlyumptious
Lol my squeeky woman’s voice is miraculous

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I pause movies a million times too when I have a horrible day.

The only surefire reason for me to concentrate on anything is that I need to have 100% interest in the subject. I don’t need to perform a marathon but sometimes a sprint is enough when doing things I like.

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I also struggle with movies, mostly bcuz when psychotic movies and tv spoke directly to me in a trippy freaky deaky way, I have to watch movies in chunks, I’m in my Harry Potter marathon I started 2 weeks ago and I’m on the middle of goblet of fire. I like Pluto bcuz I can have random shows on while I look at forum or memes, I use to listen to music a lot too, now it’s hard to focus on music for more than 10-15 min.
My comfort show on abilify was the office, now I’ve transferred to it’s always sunny lol.

As far as advice, maybe try watching bits of a few minutes of actual focused watching at a time, I think it was mentioned to use subtitles which will draw your attention to the dialogue.

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