Natural Remedies (not for schizophrenia)

I thought we could talk about some natural Remedies. Things that actually work.

For me, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar helps with arthritis really well. It also stopped a bout of food poisoning for me.

Black pepper poured on a cut will stop bleeding. It doesn’t burb, but do NOT use it on scrapes or brush burns because then it will burn like crazy.

A plant called plantain, narrow leaf variety, that grows all over the US and Canada will help heal wounds. I use it as a base herb in my salves.

Dark red cherries consumed 1 pound a day (a 16 ounce can works) will help gout. Not the pie filling, please!


To check the side effects of any natural remedies you take for anything.

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Web MD doesn’t cover everything. But looking up side effects and toxicity is important, of course.

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My mom uses coconut oil for health.

Chamomile is good for sleep.

Chamomile is also soothing on the skin. But some may be allergic if they are allergic to ragweed

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