Eucalyptus oil for pain

I had a massive migraine yesterday and my mom put eucalyptus that was mixed with coconut oil… the kind stays liquid instead of the cooking kind and she put some on my upper lip and on some parts of my head and within minutes I felt a lot better! My mom uses this stuff for all kinds of aches and pains! Its kept her going this long and it’s all natural!


I use tea tree oil for acne, and all sorts of natural ways to do stuff. I found out you can color your hair with safron, white vinegar, and mustard seed powder and lemons. It makes it lightened and blond. You should try that. It once was my secret recipe for hair lightening…I love my hair right now. Its brown and becoming curly because I used mint conditioner. Im also exercising more now so I am getting in shape!!! I really want to go on a nature retreat to get away from isolation and technology.

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@anon71432064 thanks for the advice!

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