After listening to Sam Vaknins youtube videos and writings, and recognizing myself completely in these, I now consider myself to be a narcisistic person who have turned paranoid agrresive and delusional as my failure to socialize became apparent.

I have heard voices though, although no currently, and none for the last 3 years.

Its easy to label this as lack of insight, but I feel that Vaknins stuff fits my life perfectly.

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Getting life philosophy/perspective lined out not only brings great insight but peace of mind as well.

Conceit, vanity, entitlement, superiority complexes, narcissism these are common in a lot of people.

As a schizo it’s even less unusual to deal with these things. Throw grandiosity in there.

I myself once thought that I was a nercissist. I even got a book on it and agree that most things it says. It’s been almost 10 years since then, I even forgot about thinking myself as one.
It’s hard to understand yourself but I think it’s a good idea to share your thoughts with someone close to you, and see what they say.
Sometimes what you think your problmes are and the real problmes are different…

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That old cliché about there being a fine line between love and hate is particularly true of our relationship with ourselves.

Very interesting. He described Mom, Pop and myself a lot.

I don’t believe I’m suffering from an exaggerated form of self-love… rather a devoted form of self-respect.

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Everyone should love themselves. It’s when they love themselves more than they love any one else that issues will probably arise.

Self respect! Yeah man if people respected themselves/each other this world would be a different place.