I'm the schizophrenic version of a narcissist

I hate myself and I think a lot about other people.


You’re up early

Are you ok Nick?

Is this Nick

Or is someone in his account?

Thinking about other people is definitely a good quality to have but don’t hate yourself. You seem like a cool person with a lot to offer those around you.

Yes, it’s me @Daze. I wernt to bed too early last night and I woke up a couple of hours ago (it’s 5:15 a.m. here) and I couldn’t sleep.

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Thanks for the compliment @disciple, but I was just joking in this thread. Have a nice day, though.


Are you kidding me @77nick77??? Unless I am worthless sh… to you, you have at least one reason to like yourself. Thank you for earlier…

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Oh, ok, that was a joke… sounds awfully familiar… great, thanks @77nick77, I am glad it is a joke for you. Happy to make you happy. Regards

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@77nick77 for the future. If you have sth to say, say it straight to the person not make a new LOL sarcastic thread. Narcistic or not, the pain is no less real than yours… good day

It was not meant to be sarcastic. It was solely a joke that just popped up into my head. I’ve been on these forums for quite awhile and I have seen Ish on here a lot and I’m sure she knows that I do not make mean spirited posts to anyone intentionally.

Actually about the “she”: I thought the post was meant to me…

This is getting too complicated. Its hard to pick up the nuances on message boards. I think if I write anything else on this thread it will make things worse.

Just trust me when I say I was joking and that I did not mean any offense to anyone.

And there it comes my paranoid thinking in a full bloom… ehhhh… I am sorry @77nick77… I will never be able to be normal in social interactions… :disappointed:

All of us battle with this problem. Probably the best thing to do is forget about this thead and move on.


Seems like passive aggressiveness.

Fu… bullies… they totally messed up my head… :triumph:

In my culture this is something nice :see_no_evil:

haha, @Lara you funny!!

You’re alright in my book

Thanks @Daze. Heh… nowadays I know how to deal with them anyway😜 unfortunately my head cannot keep up…

Honey I’ve been banned every week since Christmas

Everyone is doing better than me