Society does teach us to hate ourselves

A little narcissism makes a good defense.

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I think you may be self-taught to a certain degree!


I’d teach myself more if I’d only listen. :slightly_smiling_face:

Schizophrenia made me so self indulgent! It wasn’t anything I planned or tried to do it just made me live inside my mad heads space!

I think your right on so many levels for the modern world. I remember getting a mobile phone for talking. It cost an arm and a leg but I’d actually talk on it. These days every phone has a camera and a link to the interwebs.

Really. You don’t need to love yourself but you need some perspective. You learn that over time and I’m sure your getting there @chordy ! We all learn from experience and you’ve many a wise word for this forum for those who listen!


One thing that can help is to not watch the news. After every new shooting they usually find a “witness” who says “he was hearing voices.”

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