Nans young boyfriend

Sorry I need to let it out somewhere… Every bloody night when I want to chill on a game or something. this Loud man comes home… and just coughs for 3 hours straight until bed time… Ive tried telling my nan and helping him… But he will not take the advice… He is too scared to see a doctor… We even got him cough medicine a two days ago… I do not know want to do… Can this annoying cough addict please get lost… srsly… I do not know what to do… help please, and i u read this thanks a bunch. I usually keep it in but, it has to come out… Sighhh thxx …

I hate peoples noises my step dads real bad for it always coughing sneezing and yawning really loudly. And he does it in patterns like every time he opens the fridge he’ll let out a loud as yawn. I never make any of those noises I don’t know why other people have to it’s so annoying

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IKR! same here… i thought i was the only one… how do u put up with it friend?

I just bite my tongue, not literally, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. If I asked them
to stop they’d just look at me like wtf. I just work on moving out of my parents house

Over the years my Dad has been coughing, grunting, sneezing, and yawning more increasingly. Then he thought that wasn’t enough noise, so he bought 10 dinging clocks that go off every 15 minutes lol

But then I moved. Now…silence.