Name the psychaitric hospital you were in and which country

Tenerife —febles campos

Ireland —newcastle hospital

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I’ve been to every hospital in my area (there are many). And I’ve been multiple times to some of them. I don’t even remember how many times.

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Umass memorial in Massachusetts USA
Newton Wellesley in newton ma usa

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It was a good hospital. In England, UK.
Good enough anyways.

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Been at 4 different hospitals. 3 in Sweden and 1 in Australia.

Royal Ed in Scotland. Hated it at the time but looking back now the staff were really good. Had beautiful grounds too

only been to 3 hospitals. one was just a county hospital in my hometown in indiana. the others were behavioral hospitals in ohio and virginia. northern virginia mental health hospital and summit behavioral hospital. couldn’t get any exercise in any of the hospitals only art was valued in those places

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Severalls, Colchester- First admission .

Then the psychiatric units at Rochford general hospital and the main psychiatric hospital ,Runwell, which was at Wickford.

Gracie Square Hospital in NYC, USA’ The Brattleboro Retreat in Brattleboro VT, USA, Chestnut Lodge in Rockville MD, USA, Saint Vincent’s Hospital in NYC, USA, Greenport Mental Hospital in Greenport LI NY, USA.

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Those are pretty near me. We have a st Vincent’s hospital here in Connecticut I’ve been to. It used to be called hallbrook though

I have been to one in Sweden and two in Australia.

Where are you from?

Meadowfield, Oakland’s and a couple of others I cannot remember the names of. They’re all in Sussex England

Harbour UCLA (Los Angeles California)

I’m from Sweden. Western part.

When you are sick enough it happens sometimes that a hospital is built around you.

Baptist Hospital Psychiatric Ward, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Twice in 20 years

Hey I’ve been in Umass. Didn’t like it.

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Do yours look like that?

@Air Hell ya shitty place.

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