What was you hospital experience like?

Hey guys as above, thoughts?

It was partly scary, partly made me feel safe but mostly boring.

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Made me more paranoid and delusional. It was torture the first time. It’s a long story.

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Was great first time round. Cool ppl. Cool atmosphere. Wasn’t on meds u see.

Second time round I had scary delusions. Thn put on meds there. Got fat. Not a nice experience.

My first couple of times as a teen were pretty freaky. Sharing a room with highly volatile people. But i guess it was mainly my own mind that made it seem horrible. I recently stayed in a sub acute unit in a nice area for a couple months and that was much better. Really good therapies and lots of things to do. It was like a more new style of australian psych ward. And I met my girlfriend in that hospital and we are still going strong.


Been hospitalized 9 times.
First was great
Second one I got Invega, about 15 days in, for 6 days before they figured out they screwed up.
I would not consider giving this as punishment to anyone. Worst experience of my life.
If I said I lost 30 IQ points in those 6 days I’d be delusionally optimistic about my present and past.
The other 7 ones were just bad. Nothing special.
Brazilian psych hospitals are pretty bad overal, with few activities to take part in and I’m only considering the good ones. I heard some pretty, PRETTY scary stories about really bad institutions parents put their sons in without even having feedback.
Just to give some insight, some of them make you unable to communicate for over 6 months and make you work for them as ‘part of the treatment’. You cant complain, nothing.
Luckly I’ve neven been to any of these, the crappy ones.
Well, that’s all I got about brazilian psychiatric hospitals/clinics.

Mostly just boring. I’m just stuck at the ward all day.

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A prisoner stole my new Nike shoes, had to tell security. Two guys were walking nude, one came to my room at night, I yelled at him telling him to go back to his room and he did. Ppl were fighting over tv remote.
One thing I did like was that food was limited so I lost weight. Now at home I eat too much. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep at all in the hospital.

It used to be good and pleasant. (Good old days when you could smoke, eat out, bring in entertainment, etc.). Word got out, laws kicked in.

Then the hospital took advantage of medicaid and brought in everyone and everything and created a mess and a dangerous situation and scary situation for some of us including myself.

I will no longer go there or anywhere else. It must be hell with covid going on.

It used to be nice. I thought if I was rich, I would live there. It was nice to get away from home and was like a resort or vacation. Not anymore. THEY RUINED IT and CONTINUED to ruin it.

0.5/5 stars.

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I sometimes feel like a walking ghost. Like I died there and came back alive to haunt them lol. (I really did die and came back alive).

Someone call ghostbusters?

Was twice in hospital. Hated it on both occasions. Left as soon as I could.

Been hospitalized on three separate occasions:

I was soooo out of my gourd the first time around. I would lay on the bathroom floor and sing “Voodoo Chile” by Jimi Hendrix, as I believed that song would give me magical powers.

That was one thing I noticed about the hospital: the lack of music.

Also, my roommate would fart. Loudly.

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