Nails on a chalkboard showering

Does showering feel like nails on a chalk board to you? This is the best way I can describe not wanting to shower to a non schiziophrenic.

I love taking a hot shower and I brush my teeth in there too.

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I wish I don’t always have negative symptoms but I do today

I hate showering too

While I don’t really feel this way towards showering, as I do like taking them, but I tend to feel this way towards brushing my teeth. I acknowledge that it’s important to brush your teeth and I personally don’t like seeing my teeth looking gross, but there’s just something I hate about brushing my teeth that I can’t put my finger on.

It helps me to walk around while I brush them, instead of standing in front of the mirror. I’m a peripatetic tooth brusher.

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I dislike it immensely. I don’t hate it because I always feel better after I’m done getting dressed and brushing my hair but the before, during and just after are a royal pain.

Not now, TG. But in '94, '97, '99, '02-'03 and later in '03. Oh =gawwwwwwd=, yes. Like icicles shooting into my skin. And nothing would touch it for years until Seroquel snapped me out of it. (Worked for me; might have to a a different med for others.)