I love to take showers

I take them twice a day. Do others here love taking showers?

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I like to do it to get away from everyone for a while. It’s nice to feel the hot water gently caressing your skin with your eyes closed.

I like to take showers, but lately I have cut back to three a week. We don’t need to save water in Eastern Oklahoma, but I just wanted to see if I could make do with less water. I don’t flush the toilet every time I piss too.

I’m terrified of showers. the sound and touch make my voices go crazy, gotta have my wife in the room talking to me and playing music to get through it.

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I don’t shower everyday sometimes maybe 3-4 times a week. I love the act of showering but it’s the stuff you have to do afterwards that I hate, the drying off. getting dressed putting deodorant on stuff like that. its a long process I feel like takes forever.

Yeah that bit can be annoying. What I don’t like is not getting “dry enough”. Wish there was some kind of air-drying device that would activate when you step out of the shower. Get you warm and dry all over.

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Oh yeah. Every day. I love the feeling after a long run and a day at the gym.

i didn’t… now i do :shower:
take care :alien:

I’m so much better at showers then I used to be…

But I still like baths too.

I rarely get around to it any more…

Once every three days or so probably…

I also shower before things where hygiene is important.

Sometimes just to relax…

Most of the time its when I notice I’m stinking for the first time.

Showering and personal grooming in general has become a torture since I’ve developed schizophrenia with persistent negative symptoms. Before I used to shower often too, I would do it once or twice a day. Now it’s once every 3 days or so, and even then I do it reluctantly. I also hate the drying process. God this disease sucks…