NAC triggered hypomania in me

For anyone thinking about buying and taking NAC…I’d strongly advise you not to. I was triggered, by it, so much, that I had the worst symptoms of schizoaffective disorder, since 2006, since i started taking Clozaril. I also had symptoms like, hallucinations and delusions, that I never had before. They were pretty messed up, but thank god I had sense to realize it, afterwards. I’m usually more towards having negative and cognitive symptoms.

(The past week has been something I hope I NEVER go through, again…).

Around that time period, 8-10 days ago, I also stopped taking a probiotic, that had way too many cfu (bacteria) in it. And also i stopped taking curcumin/tumeric. I’m not so sure, these contributed to my experience…but, after some researched and talking with health care professionals, I was told, frankly, NAC can trigger hypomania in Schizoaffective Disorder.

Its still on my list of things to try.
First I want to try L-Theanin and Sarcosine.

I’ve read sarcosine is useless if you are on clozaril/clozapine. However, it may help if you are on another antipsychotic. . TAKE IT SLOWLY.

Theanine, idk, just take a little before bed, or if you can handle sedation in day.

I’m mostly thinking of trying b-complex vitamins. The supplement I have, the doses for each vitamin were created in a specific way. It has higher, absorption, too, compared to years ago. It’s all similar to “methylfolate”, in terms of how it’s created. Methylfolate might help a lot uf us

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If anyone takes, “inositol”, i don’t understand it,…is it a precursor to…??

I’m curious about this. I consume a lot of powerful probiotic in the form of homebrew sauerkraut. If anything it has contributed to my overall health and stability, so I’m surprised to hear you are concerned with it.

what made me think, was a video on youtube…just that we know very little about the gut (biome?).

also, a lot of brands aren’t working for anyone, unless the capsules aren’t encapsulated correctly.

I’m actually switching to one with only 8 billlion cfu (compared to 50 billion cfu. Idk, it’s a headache. Oh, in the morning, take a tsp of “apple cider vinegar” in warm water. it’s a great “prebiotic”. It feeds the bacteria that’s already there. some, swear by it

I need it to help with diverticular disease - I have fewer flare-ups when my gut biome is healthy. I was paying a fortune for the referigerated liquid probiotics when the lady in the shop told me I could make my own using just cabbage, water, and salt and it would work as good or even better for pennies on the dollar. The taste takes some getting used to, but it has kept my gut behaving for the most part.

wow, just wow.

i’ve seen plenty of doctors who say probiotics are a waste $$$$. eat more legumes? too

Drinking and eating fermented foods helped my gut health and also stopped a good chunk of pain from my arthritic diseases ( i have 2 types). It also helped with my fibromyalgia.

I went into making kombucha and drinking unfiltered apple cider vinegar with total skepticism. Now? Its the first thing I turn to when feelling bad if I have it on hand.

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We’re the people with experience trying to improve our health.

I took like 4 grams a day of that stuff for months and it did nothing for me.

Maybe your supplement had some illegitimate stuff in it?

IDK, probably was a few things. stopping the probiotic. curcumin.

a link was posted. here. this websight. seemed NAC was good for schizo, bad for mood…could have been other way around. i am schizoaffective so wtf, idk

if i was 50+, i would take some, NAC for sure, it’s a powerful antioxidant/

i may even just take a little. still 1-2 caps, not 4-5. all the supps, people need to give a while. before stopping. it’s a slow, minor effect

d-serine seems a better alternative. improves most, if all symptoms. compared to the general population, our level of it is pitiful

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for probiotics, i’ve seen/read, we know little about gut health, and supp companies just wanna shove more and more down our throughts. i’m down to just 8 billion cfu. the #1 probiotic on amazon is 90 billion cfu! that garden of life mood+ was 50 billion cfu.

plus some companies are rendering them , useless, by the time they reach the shelves

I take very few supplements. the only ones i take is 5htp and sarcosine. I dont take a multivitamin or anything. Havent in like 9 years

Yea, don’t expect much, quickly…from most supps. Instead it’s a slow, steady thing…a nice little improvement.

I think a lot of the studies are just, too, short on supps. They need to be a lot longer, than, say 3-4 weeks

Antidepressant caused hypomania in me too.

I probably should delete this thread.

my recent troubles were not due to NAC. I had, in the past taken it for weeks, if not months, before.

99% sure that my recent troubles, with, almost, sliding back into psychosis, were to to wayy too much zinc in MY diet.

I had not been in the hospital since 2005-2006. After man admissions between 1999-2006, I was put on clozaril/clozapine, and it worked miracles for me.

Back to the zinc story. I’m a pretty avid weightlifter, biker, hiker. I knew zinc+magnesium, can make you sleep more deeply. I also, mistakenly thought it could raise testerone levels, slightly. there are people who say, it does, but all it means is you are getting enough zinc, now.

because of this, i was taking way more than recommended, for a good 5-6 weeks.

Slowly, i was feeling off, I thought it was just some schizoaffective symptoms. Things were building up slowly, felt i was deterorating, which i was.

Long story, short. i had almost psychotic break for 2 days. had not had that since 2006.
i stopped all zinc supplements 36 hrs, ago, I feel fine.

there are studies on this, issue. it’s like it just found my/ours weaknesses

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i t’s like it was deficient for so long, my body was overloaded, too quickly.

and i’d never say someone doesn’t need zinc, obvuiously

You want to increase testosterone levels, I have this in common with you
From my limited understanding testosterone is produced in teh b<lls and released into the blood when lifting heavy weights and then reproduced in the balls when eating well
I too like zinc
I found my testosterone highest after sprinting until I almost threw up

NAC did not give me mania, 5htp did, its a natural antidepressant that increases serotonin. NAC made me itchy though, also felt like overheating on it. I stopped it right away due to these side effects so idk if it has any benefits. I think I am allergic to NAC maybe.