Sarcosine, N-Acetyl cysteine, (NAC), Methyl-Folate and B-12

These supplements just arrived today. After much research, my mom wants me to add these to my medication(risperdal). There have been clinical studies done.
My mom who is my biggest advocate believes that I will get better one day and I have to believe I will too. She started looking for options because we are disappointed in the mental health treatment that i have received. They don’t seem to want to get to the root of the problem but just push medications. Medications only mask our symptoms, they are not a cure nor a treatment.
My mom had an “aha” moment the other day, she remembered…when I was a about 15 she took me to a holistic chiropractor becuse I had weight issues and pain in my back and feet. He sold vitamins for specific issues. He would do a supplement test to see what your body needed. He told us that I had too much homocysteine in my body. Homocysteine is an amino acid that creates havoc in the body when there are high levels. At the time my mom and I didn’t take it too serious because I was so young. Fast forward 10 years later she is reading that there is a direct link from high levels of homocysteine to schzophrenia and other mental health issues! Hence the “aha moment”
I’m going to be taking the methyl-folate and b-12 and other B vitamins to help lower levels and also help with any deficiencies. It’s shown to improve schizophrenia symptoms. I will document my progress and keep you posted.
Second, I will be taking Sarcosine along with NAC. According to the website Schizophrenia Options: “Sarcosine is a natural metabolism that has research supporting use in schizophrenia. NAC is an antioxidant and a precursor to glutathione, a natural and essential antioxidant that is severely depleted in schizophrenia.”
I will also be documenting my use and keep you posted. Day one will be tomorrow, I will start with the Sarcosine and NAC first to see my tolerance, after two weeks I will add the vitamins. I will keep everyone posted soon!


This sounds great, please keep updating.

Beware of taking NAC with abilify. It seems to make abilify less effective. That was my experience.

Sounds like a good plan. Did you get your vitamin D levels tested too?

Edit: wanted to add that from what I have read meds do more than mask symptoms, the studies suggest that 2nd gen APs are neuroprotective if given early in sz. So yeah, they don’t fix everything, (not that supplements do either) but you’re still doing something important for your health with meds & medically studied and supported supplements.

Took it this morning feeling clear

As long as you’ve consulted your doctor I think its worth a shot.

I found getting a dog was also very helpful with my depression and forced me to have a legitimate reason to go outside. Gave me an opportunity to meet my neighbors and other people, and generally I found it a positive experience.

I don’t know your situation though, so that might not be in the cards.

I don’t want to push too far, but see a real doctor or nutritionist someone with a license.

Schizophrenia isn’t a disease with a real fix, there’s a lot of research still to be done before that happens.

Voices are telling me stuff like nothing is real and I did it by smoking

I have read some on what you’re taking. I just started a couple of them myself. I read that it can take months for them to be effective. Keep at it.

Fish oil sounds promising as well. I take it every day.

Best wishes!

Iv stopped taking the subliments do to the voices geting worse

I’ve read other people saying that about sacosine. I saw it in the sarcosine thread on this site.


I am reading your post a few years late in the day.

I think that you have taken the wrong combination of supplements e.g.

If you have voices (positive symptoms) then taking methyl folate can make it worse, in this case you need to use, for instance NAC to reduce Homocysteine.

Let me know if you would like me to make some suggestions.



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