NAC supplement

Anyone tried the NAC supplement?

I just started yesterday and you have to eat well with it.
I took 600 mg today and trying to cut down the L Theanine from 900 to 450.

Let’s see. The reviews and benefits are supposed to be amazing.

I remember last night in my sleep I had some breathing problems, not sure if it is related.

let us know how it goes, also

Why you cutting down the L theanine i thought i was working great for you?


I am worried I am on too much medication :frog:

I am taking per day

4 gr of sarcosine
900 mg L Theanine
Omega 3
Vitamin D
I just stopped multivitamin
Vitamin B Complex
300 mg Wellbutrin
40 mg Pantoloc
120 mg Geodon
0.5 mg Ativan


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Have you tried taking green tea sourced l Theanine. My local grocery store carries it but unfortunately amazon does not.

Green tea derived is Twice as powerful than the stuf from NOW foods.

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@mermaid1 what type of breathing problems did you have?

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I am not sure.

I felt mucus in my throat which is strange because I quit smoking 3 months ago.
and I felt like I had to clear my throat on several occasions at night in my sleep.

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Hmm that’s strange - I had a few issues with NAC but not the same as yours. Overall though it was beneficial :slight_smile:

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Studies have suggested that NAC exacerbates breathing problems by producing more mucus, wheezing, etc. But then other studies have found this untrue.

Also I think the recommended dosage for NAC is around 1200-1800mg in divided doses.

I think when I was taking NAC it helped improve my moods as well as my asthma. But hey that’s just me… I stopped taking NAC because of the cost.

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The majority of those med’s are supplements, and very few of those are harmful. If you get too much of a vitamin it just passes out in your urine. I’ve been taking a supplement called “black seed oil”. I’ve been taking it six months without much effect, but sometimes it feels like it just might turn a couple of my problems around. Sometimes I think it might cure my insomnia, for example. I do seem to sleep longer and harder on black seed oil. The cost of black seed oil varies widely. If you do decide to take it, shop around. It will pay off.

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so do you think there is not a lot of danger on my liver or something because of all these meds?
I also drink a few glasses of wine a few times a week. I am worried.

I got a blood test done so will go to the doctor sometime next week, I have to take an appointment and also I am seeing my pdoc on Wednesday.

I notice a lot of benefits, I am just worried I guess because it feels so unnatural to take so many different supplements and medications.

strange but it could be true because I have not had any experience like that since 2-3 months now. And it continued today morning when I woke up, I had to clear my throat.

I am only taking 600 mg at lunch with protein.

Honestly today afternoon, I had a dopamine rush like a high I would get when I am psychotic, for like 2 hours I was too happy by myself lol. It happened after I took the NAC.

I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, so I can’t give you an authoritative opinion, but if there was a likelihood of danger from these supplements they would probably make you have a prescription to get them. There could be a chance that a dangerous supplement slipped past the regulators, but I don’t think it’s likely. There is always the possibility of lawsuits or criminal sanctions if a company perpetrates a dangerous substance on the public. I don’t know about the supplements in combination with each other, but it is probably the prescription drugs you need to worry about. As much as I used to drink on my psychotropic drugs there is no telling what kind of damage I did to my liver.

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I was just reading about a person abusing laxatives, so I guess there are dangerous supplements on the market. Follow the directions on these supplements.

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