My younger brother has been acting strange

He is 10 years old and I am concerned about his behaviour.

Being his sister, I know “him”. However, there are times when he isn’t behaving like himself. He makes these ridiculous noises that you’d expect a toddler or even an animal to make!
He is only 10 years old but he knows how to talk down to and patronise adults, as if there is an adult in his mind! He gets a look in his eyes that creep me out and stare me down.

Anyway, today he got home from school and was making these noises. Nothing my mum said to him about stopping would get through to him.
At the dinner table, he kept acting really daft. I told him to stop being an idiot and my mum shouted at him too. Then he said “Yeah, you tell him!” .

This made me shiver… why was he talking as if there is another person in his body?

Maybe he is only joking around but he won’t snap out of it! He is like a completely different person sometimes. I don’t like the other person but he is my brother so I love him unconditionally.

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That just sounds like a turn of phrase. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

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Is it possible you are projecting this strange behavior on your brother?

Ten year old kids act like weirdos, all of them.

Their minds and bodies are still forming and with puberty right around the corner, its just too much to handle sometimes.

He’s just being a kid.

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I don’t behave strangely around my brother…he is even stranger than me!

Maybe I am just being paranoid about him.

No, I mean maybe you feel like something is taking over your body,

So you think that maybe something has taken over him,

And you’re forcing yourself to find reason for it.

Like him acting strangely, normally you would just brush it off,

But because you are feeling more paranoid, you think something amiss.

In any event,

I’m sure he’s fine,

A little weird, but fine.


I used to do ■■■■ like that all the time because it was just my personality. Kids that age make weird noises all the time. It’s the age. Yeah you tell him it’s a common phrase kids use when they’re being yelled at and don’t care. Like yeah, yell at me, see what good that’ll do!

I wouldn’t be worried.

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I would blame puberty if anything.

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My niece is 10 and is full of angsty cynicism all of a sudden. It’s just puberty hormones.

Ohhh okay, I get you :slight_smile:

I do worry that something has taken over him too - like a cross-contamination kind of thing since we share about 50% of each other’s DNA…

But I will let him be weird and not worry too much…although he can be annoying as hell!

I have Tourette’s/OCD that started when I was a kid, and it made me make weird noises all the time. It annoyed my family, but I couldn’t stop because it was compulsive. Now, through neurofeedback, I have mostly stopped. I only make weird noises when I’m very stressed out now.