She knows I'm different

One of my in laws grand kids told me i act weird. So I asked my partner’s little sister and she told me," yeah you act weird sometimes but that’s ok"

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and yes its ok 15


my partner’s little sister knows I have problems but her parents and grandparents don’t understand so they think I was just using her but she was a really big help in sorting out the kitchen and bathroom. she showed me how to organize the kitchen cup cabinet. her papa (actually her grandpa) and her mom (actually her grandma) feel like I should able to do it myself but I didn’t ask for her help she volunteered.

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Once, early in the course of my illness (i wasnt psychotic or nothing) a normie gossiped to my friend about how weird i was. And now, much later, my negative symptoms are much worse, i wonder how weird i seem now. My mom and doctor seem to imply that noone could tell there’s something wrong with me…but after seeing your post i am rethinking. Especially kids, they are so perceptive. When i am in a store ppl’s kids make me nervous not the adults.

according to my partner’s little sister her step mom and mom (her grandma) explained to the kids I have a chemical problem in the brain but they didn’t elaborate further so it kind of left the kids to wonder about it themselves.

You are not weird @cbbrown
Don’t let others define you

if it was an adult calling me weird yeah I would get mad but this is a 13 year old and a 10 year old and they don’t know any other way to describe me so i’m not mad or anything just wish I acted a little more normal I guess


I don’t know how much my 27 year old nephew knows about me, we have virtually never talked about my problems or my past or my situation but he came with my sister to my board & care last week and when he saw my tiny room with two beds and some meager possessions in it I saw a look of empthy and a little bit of pity on his face and it dawned on him what my life must be like. I have no ideas what my sisters tell him about me. But he saw a lot of me during my good productive years with schizophrenia and he it must have dawned on him last week of what my life has become.

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