I need the help of the smart people on here

My father talks to himself and sometimes even when i’m around him. Is this normal? Do you guys have parents that talk to themselves. I feel like he might be mentally ill but what he does in his free time says other wise. He always goes to hang out with his friends and is a sane dad when talking to him. I just never know what to do when he starts talking to himself outloud around me . @Bowens what do you think about him. I tagged you because i know you and few other people on here

I talked to myself before I was mentally sick and after I became mentally sick.

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Thats what i think too. Maybe he is going to become mentally sick. Can someone become sz at 58 though

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@Abdallah - Sz can happen at any age.


Should i tell him to try and control himself from talking to himself ? I want to say that to him but that is a awkward conversation

Hey. I’m not sure to be honest. It’s difficult to judge without being there. Sometimes normies talk to themselves. I remember a few times doing that way before psychosis myself. It’s possible that he could have a psychotic disorder as well. It doesnt necessarily have to be schizophrenia. And yes, I would imagine it’s possible to develop one at any age.

We don’t diagnose here though. Just out of curiosity, is this a new behavior or has he done it for awhile?

Edit: there is also the possibility of hearing voices without a psychotic disorder. It’s possible he could be responding to such. So many possibilities to be honest. He also could be psychotic and think people can hear him talking. When I was psychotic I thought people could see and hear with my senses and sometimes talked to myself, even though I didnt hear voices. There are just so many possible different reasons. I just don’t know.

He has been doing it for a while. He knows how someone that is "crazy " is like because of me so i feel like he doesn’t consider himself crazy but he is just annoying with the talking to himself. I’m gonna comfront him on it one of these days and see if he can stop it

Well, if you ask him about it, I would encourage you to be gentle with it and not "confront " him in an angry manner. You never know what his situation may be. He could be a normie just doing self talk, he could be doing it for your benefit since he knows you can hear him, he could be a voice hearer, he could be psychotic…there are a million possibilities. It doesnt sound like you know the reason.

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Yeah time will tell. I was wondering if you can close this thread. I just wanted to talk to someone about it

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Sure thing.
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