My Work Situation

As some of you know, I am working currently as a day stocker for a grocery store. But as of late, I am doing quite unwell. My schizophrenia is acting up, along with depression and other stressful issues. Some of you may remember when I said I was going to get a castration recently; I have plenty of thoughts of nocous considerations. Suicide, harming myself, and other difficult things is what I’ve been served lately. Unfortunately, I cut myself on Monday, and while I have not done it since, it is still unnerving to think about. My plan of restitution, needless to say, has not gone in my favor or liking.

And this brings me to the issue of work. It is inseparable to my poor mental health. The stress is getting to me, which I fear may not go away if I improve rapidly. But we are working on that by increasing my risperdal dosage, which has helped nominally, but still has helped. And my parents are really discouraged to get me hospitalized due to some “bad” experiences by people they know. I’m in such a pickle as I am expected to still work 3-4 days a week. Its something that has been on my mind, and hopefully I’ll get a medical leave, but I don’t think my parents are big on that.


How old are you now, @John_Raven?

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I’m 18 right now

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The reason I ask is,

Your parents seem to be really hurting your health at this point.

Pushing you to work when you feel like you can’t,

And discouraging you going to the hospital when you’re hurting yourself.

If you’re of age, you need to consider moving out.


I know they mean the best for me, but I do agree that they don’t quite understand. It was my dad, however, that got me help in the first place. And were asking my boss to schedule me every other day, 3 days a week. But it is still very stressful.


I’m sure they love you and want the best,

But right now their ignorance about your illness is really hurting you.

Maybe you need to sit down with them and have a real heart to heart about your symptoms.


At age 18, you can just go to the hospital. You can research ones near you to decide where you want to go.


Yeah, I probably should do that.


Work and studying made my psychosis worse. Mental health is more important and you can get on disability.

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You need to decide whether the harm is worse for you working vs. not working

For me both can be a challenge, but I personally am better off working, as it serves to be a distraction

I see it all the time here where people use the terms like ‘I can’t work’. Well hang on, there are hundreds of different things to do, and I doubt try much that more than one thing has been explored in most of these cases.

Up to you. Life isn’t easy for us, but it also isn’t for other people as well.


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