My weird beliefs on schizophrenia

It is caused by inflammation that is hidden /not discovered ->I accidentally discovered i have sinusitis when i am doing an Ct scan for my brain which is for my psychosis (Mainly ethmoid sinusitis, close to brain)-> experience floaters as well (ethmoid sinus are very close to eyes and many people suffering from sinusitis also have floaters)->I also have schizophrenia> sinusitis and schiziphrenia maybe linked ->Many antipsychotic have a strong antioxidate effect and anti-inflammatory effect and many of them are actually strong antihistamine → strengthen my doubts and belief ,can sinusitis micmick psychosis?

so to conclude , i am going to do a sinus surgery to see if it can cure my schizophrenia and eye floater issues though the risk maybe very big , but i have to make it to the end to test my hypothesis and as an live example and make long time repeating and looping question to an end

Is it too extereme?

Another belief:

It is from parasite :Sometimes i feel i have unusual love/ attraction/exotic feeling to my mum which is more like a sexual arouse /men to women, (i think she also has got that to me , it is so terrible)-> Maybe we both got parasitstic infection and actually there is a arousal caused from the parasites trying to make a way of reproduction / produce offspring so that we both got that “catch” ( actually my mun is quite a problematic person with some mental unstability at some degree in sometimes i observed)-> the people with schizohrenia are zombiefied because they are controleled by something that is not in their bodyi.e Parasites → My eyes are crossed in psychoto episode and actually it is very liked my brain is being controlled by another organizsm/ the people in movie of parsitistic infection->Conclusion:

parasities and schizphrenia are interlinked

what do you guys think?

Conclusio : i dun want to take meds and i want a cure for it that’s why i tried so hard to figure out different “reasons” and i hope one thing will fit one day


Schizophrenia is not going to be cured by getting sinus surgery,

And your attraction to your mother has nothing to do with parasites.

No one wants to take meds,

Everyone wants a cure.

Fact is, there’s not one,

So you have to stay on meds and try to help yourself get better.

Are you in therapy?

Sounds like you’ve got a lot to unpack there,

I would look into it if you aren’t.


I believe there is a pill, or a shot that can kill off parasites,
if I recall doc gave it to my son when he was digging in possibly eating dirt, and sand too.
microbes in the gut concern me, since the gut is your third mind,
so I take probiotics and of course my smoothies with that good powder in them.
well, at least I feel better, not sure it’s helping with sz.

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i was even thinking about could actually there be parasites inside my sinus when i watch the video on youtube, though they look terrifying

Antiparasitics are completely underrepresented. I feel they are incredibly important.

I’ve read that 1/5th of SZ cases are due to them too.

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There is no attraction between you and your mom. You are having some weird beliefs. Get on AP’s now!


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