Sinusitis and psychosis

can it be true? because when u got sinusitis u would have tinnitus , instead of a symptom of schozophrenia , it is also a symptom of sinusitis . and i just done a brain ct scan realizing that i have mild to moderate sinusitis in my three sinuses.

It comes down to function, time and symptoms.

If your delusional then that is probably sz or similar. If it’s auditory then other physical causes need to be ruled out. If anything is affecting your function of living like most normal people then that is a thing you need to address.

Reason most of us are here…

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i mean sinusitis can also be a cause of our illness. i mean it can be the root cause.

Yeah there’s a lot of things that mimic sz. Chances are though your not in that category. Ask your psychiatrist. It usually is something that is self evident to most.

Peace. It is really all about function. How are you doing in life? Do you hold down a job? Relationship? You think paranoid thoughts?..

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i can’t. i can go out but in a very severe state that i think people can notice that i got some problems by just looking at me. not really functional at all.

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