I dun have any delusions but i am just crazy

i was thinking about fungus(Candida) ,eye floaters and schizophrenia and sinusitis , as well as respiratory tract infection , i can’t believe schizophrenia is a dopamine disease /chemical imbalance , i think it is a illness of inflammation untreated , no matter around our heads /neck or fungal infection as i see many of the eye floaters micmicking the looks of Candida , and which caused my sinusitis as well and paransal sinuses are extremely closed to our brain that can disturb the normal function of it . And affecting our normal intake of enough oxygen for our brain to function because you can’t breathe fully with sinusitis and there you can’t get the oxygen to your deep part of your lung. That’s all i want to say. please neglect it if you dun like but i just want to vent all my thoughts out.

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