My vegetarian budget diet, not the diet i would like

breakfast 1 banana, bowl of instant oats

lunch garden salad, veggie burger

dinner rice and black beans, with chili sauce

and glasses of lime water throughout the day.

i estimate it will cost me $50 bucks a week just for this ■■■■ diet. wish i could add some pistachios and have a smoothie for breakfast, but frozen berries get pricey. i add cheese to my salad, so it’s vegetarian diet, not vegan.

i would also like to eventually add a nightly whey protein shake after my workout, but it’s not in the cards right now.


They had 4 pound packages of ‘Beyond beef,’ (the meat substitute) at Costco for like $20 I think.

I realize some people are vehemently opposed to the stuff. But I like it.

Just throwing it out there.


Sounds good.

My diet plan consists of nakd bars, millet, quinoa, Dahl, and frozen vegetables :smile:

I just not sure it’s gonna work out.



no costco near me, the best i can do is kroger or walmart within 12 miles. not going to drive all the way to cincy or northern kentucky just to go to costco, but thanks for the heads up.


Mine is budget too. I specifically chose frozen veg cos its cheaper PLUS faster to make.

And I barely use much quinoa and millet :smile:

Beans, pulses, lentils, are really good, I believe. Nice choice :slight_smile:


yeah i usually spring for frozen veggies as well, except my salad greens, tomatoes, and onion, i add frozen peas to my salad. plus they last longer in the freezer.


So long as were on the topic of veggies, my baby carrots mysteriously disappeared out of the fridge.

I just made salmon with rice and veggies. But no carrots. Just broccoli and couiflouer:(


thats a shame. ever tried carrot juice? omg, i love it, but it’s sweet.


I’m on a rabbit food diet too… :broccoli: :carrot: :corn: :cucumber: :leafy_green: :onion: :garlic: :stuffed_flatbread: :taco: :baguette_bread: but just a small amount of meat


here is my ideal diet i came up with, but realized i couldn’t afford it. it is a little heavier on the dairy then my current diet.

breakfast: smoothie, with banana 1 cup frozen berries, vanilla yoghurt, protein powder and water to thin. with a bowl of instant oats.

lunch: large garden salad with romaine kale, peas, diced onions, tomatoes, shredded cheese, raisins, pumpkin seeds and olive oil and salad dressing for calories. along with a veggie burger

dinner: rice and beans with chili sauce, and itallian green beans as a side

snack: pistachios

pre bed protein shake: whey protein powder and chocolate milk.

this diet would have given me over 100 grams of protein for my workouts, my cousin was telling me about what protein powders digest fast and are good for post workout, and what protein powders digest slower and are good before bed, but i can’t remember what he said, will have to ask him when i see him in september. he is a natural bodybuilder as a hobby. maybe if i qualify for food stamps i can make this diet my reality, but right now i can’t afford more than $50 or $60 bucks a week on food.


For breakfast I have dairy free up & go.

Then coffee, tea and juice or cordial.

I have fruit as a snack.
Yesterday I had a nectarine.
They are cheap at Aldi at moment.

For lunch I sometimes have Ezekiel bread with thick layer of nuttelex.
Sometimes I have vegan protein bar (once a week)

Ezekiel bread is expensive so I don’t have it daily but maybe five days a fortnight.

I can’t afford salad but if the pantry has salad I get salad and have for lunch .
It might last three times a fortnight if they have it.

Sometimes I have a vegan ice cream as a snack.

For dinner I sometimes have fried vegan sausage with fried onion and potato .


Vegan chicken and frozen vegetables stir fry with rice.

I recently bought a few vegan ready meals from plant prep.
They cost $11.50 each but it’s to expensive to have every day but it’s handy to have in the freezer and have sometimes.

I disliked three of their meals and one meal was ok.

When I meet my family once a week I sometimes cheat on my vegan diet .
Not with meat though.
I had crepes with strawberries and cream which has dairy and egg in it.

A part of me wants to go on lite n easy vegetarian diet but I don’t think I can afford it or it could be tight if I did but I also don’t want to be vegetarian mainly I want to be vegan mainly and their menu is vegetarian not vegan.

I get food from the pantry where I pay $5 and another $5.
I also go to other shops.

I spend four times more on food than I did when I was a meat eater.

I buy frozen vegetables because fresh ones are so expensive.


I drink unsweetened calcifia milk. It has calcium in it. And it tastes nice.

But yea smoothies taste awesome
Especially strawberry and banana ones.


im vegan 5 yrs…my diet is pretty varied…i eat a good range of veg and fruit and i eat a fair amount of nuts (cashews and a mixed nut bag)…also ur dinner would be great if you add a good sauce…and vegan muesli is great


My vegan diet consists mainly of …

Breakfast -
sorghum porridge with soya milk

Coffee break -
Coffee and vegan digestive biscuits or banana/pumpkin flapjacks (pancakes)

Lunch -
pasta/noodles with tomato based sauce and olives and vegan parmesan.
pasta with vegan cheese sauce.
potato wedges and broccoli.
lentil bolognese.
Chickpeas and rice or wrap
Vegan cheese snackwiches

Supper -
Noodles, potatoes, snackwiches or porridge

Since discovering vegan cheese I’ve been able to give up cheese again so returned vegan and I’m happy :slightly_smiling_face:


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