Is anyone here vegan?

I’m currently going vegan, not because I care about animals, which I do, but because whenever I go vegan I lose weight. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on what they eat on a tight budget, as I haven’t gotten disability yet and for some reason my families paychecks aren’t going through and we are living off my small savings.

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When I was vegan I loved spaghetti bolognese with lentils instead of meat.

And banana and peanut butter sandwiches!

Ben and Jerry’s has new vegan ice creams, you could have that for desert, but if ur trying to lose weight I suggest just having ice cream as a treat now and then.

I also ate Doritos with baked beans on top, topped with vegan cheese and jalapeños.


Thanks! Those all sound delicious and like they wont break the bank

Wats really nice is plain yogurt with a few spoons of oats a banana and cinnamon… And nuts if u can afford it.

That’s wa I eat for breakfast i look forward to it all night. U could use soya yogurt. But being a vegan on a budget is very tricky.

Beans beans beans

Make vegetable n bean stews adding vegan soup stock.

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Good luck going vegan @Air.
Wish I had the willpower.

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Thanks, its a little bit easier cuz I’ve done it before, but I didn’t have the budget then I do now lol. I was a vegetarian for like 5 years and a vegan for 1 and I always was able to manage my weight while doing it

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Lentils, chickpeas and pasta/rice is cheap were I live atleast. But dont forget other legumes and fruit.
I’ve only been semi vegan for two months. I’ve cheated with some ovo lacto when someone offered me food.

Save all the money and go potatoes all in. (Boiled, steamed, baked, microwaved) wash it down with galon milk and you set.

I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. I hope you’ll bounce back very quickly.

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Vegans pass gas like every 5 seconds.

I once had a vegan girlfriend. I wouldn’t have oral sex with her…I was afraid she’d fart my goatee off!


I’ve never dated a vegan because as a chef I cook too much. I occasionally will make some vegetarian dishes, but I wouldn’t cook vegan unless I was experimenting with different baked goods for my future business. I have a friend who is vegan and you are right about the gas. She stunk so bad.


I was vegan for 7-8 years

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Lol!!! 151515

Buy a bag of frozen mixed veggies, put it in a pot with a can of coconut milk, add curry powder, ginger, and cayenne pepper to taste. Voila! Coconut curry! And it costs like $4 if you buy the spices in bulk.

Dice an onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms and sauté them. Add two drained cans of black beans (or prepared dried black beans to save even more money) a can of diced tomatoes, garlic, and taco seasoning. Simmer until most of the liquid boils away and you have taco filling!

Tofurkey beer brats are by far the tastiest of the vegan hot dogs, and easiest to grill.

Morningstar products are a bit more expensive, but very protein-heavy and filling, so you end up eating less than you think you’ll need.

My advice is not to buy products that are meant as meat substitutes. They’re never as good, and they just taste like the ghost of a delicious food. Instead, go for interesting seasonings and flavors. There’s a vegan apple sausage I really like, and black bean burgers.

Beans/lentils mixed with rice and a can of diced tomatoes is always filling and enjoyable, and peanut butter is another cheap but useful product. Potatoes have a lot of nutrients, especially if you leave on the skin.

Buy frozen veggies instead of fresh when you can to save money and time, and because they last longer.

Microwave frozen broccoli for a few minutes, then spread it on a pan with a bit of olive oil and garlic salt and stick it in the oven on 400 for fifteen minutes. It tastes amazing.

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Zoodles are the best!

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beans and rice - very nutritious and cheap.
Why aren’t your parents getting paid? Is their company closing down. That is scary.

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For some reason the bank wasn’t accepting their checks. They went through today though so I am happily going grocery shopping.

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