My two prodromes

Before my first psychosis i was grabbed on my shoulder by no one at all, i turned to look but no one was there. When i moved into my new families and looked at my brother’s diploma someone whispered “graduated from the school of death”, not to mention the giant that came auditorily crashing through the neighborhood at me, and then i was also encircled by someone in a store shopping for halloween costumes, it was only in my mind but it was apparent they were encircling me to feast(it was scary).

Yeah, weird things began to happen, and then i started seeing other beings and looking at the clocks at the same times over and over again.

So, the second prodrome went like this, from what my antipsychotic soaked brain can remember.

My friends eyes turned red when he looked up at me, was having the strange creepy thoughts again, and for some reason or another i began to spontaneously divine with playing cards. I had never done that before or asked or have ever been interested in it. I started trying to read into everyone that showed up with playing cards, i began assigning meanings to the different suits and things like that.

So it really hit the fan again and it was off to the beach across country where i would see pan. They were in my dreams this time, they moaned and groaned and i floated toward them from my bed.

And once again it was 3 all of the time, didn’t smell sulfur this time though.

I can’t believe there is a scientific and medicinal term for this, “prodromal”, is that what that is? A prodromal? Nah. That isn’t a prodromal phase at all.

Oh yeah now i remember.

During the second “prodrome” i also threw some cds on the ground in a person’s house and began to call up positive blue and white energy from them. Wtf is that all about?

Needless to say i was not alone during my “prodromal” phase. And it could not be considered anything of the sort.

My partner has this also, he will make gestures as if he is trying to swipe away someone hand on his shoulder or on the back of his head…
Occasional he will turn around and tell this “person” to ‘take a hike’ (I used moderated language for that expression)

**Hi Pan!20 characters

Hello, Pansdisease ,the hallucinations you described are scary. Hope you have got the right medicine for these symptoms. Also wish you a good day like taking a walk and having a cup of coffee…

Welcome back Pansdisease. I recently joined the forum but I have been reading the forum posts for a long time. I have also read many of your posts so maybe I am new to you but you are not to me. I am sorry that you are going through this hard time. As green6 suggested, it would make you feel good if you go for a little walk.

What do you do during the day?

Your advice is great. I couldn’t like it because I just found that I have reached my liking limits of the day :smiley: Isn’t it hilarious that there is limit on liking. [unknowingly] I used all my likes for the day :smiley:

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I thought the prodromal period is before + up to the point you first become psychotic + have the hallucinations. I might be wrong, but that’s the idea I always had.

Yeah, it’s a wierd feeling to say the least. But i think we’re being screwed with by someone because voices have said and done things that prove they are seperate and have a conscious cause, it hasn’t all just been random crazy stuff for me.

It’s enough to say make you paranoid and crazy, uncomfortable, left with a thousand questions and no answers.

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Hey. I just couldn’t stay away. How can i resist it?

Yes i have medicine.

One symptom it does not help with though is looking at the clock at the same times over and over again.

Having coffee as we speak. It’s morning for me, i began calling it mourning though.

I don’t do much.

Most of the joy or pleasure in anything is now gone.

If i could i would take a long long walk, i would walk out right now and just go and keep going, i would traverse the entire globe eventually. It would be nice.

Yes, that is what it is.

I put it a little different though. It was the time leading up to my torment and my mind being invaded. It contained several instances of “them” showing up and saying and doing different things with/to me.

And “psychosis”, for me, was nothing more than “them”.

**Glad you are back! O

I hope they don’t come back. I’ve never experienced anything like that. My ‘symptoms’ - what the Dr thinks about have always been ‘negative’ ones.

You would probably be hungry.

So maybe you like seeing world then. There is a lot to see out there. I like walking too. I mean it’s a strange thing that when I am stressed or I am trying to solve something which apparently doesn’t seem to be solved, I walk. And surprisingly some solution will always come up :smiley:

Do you know there is a quote by a well-known philosopher (Friedrich Nietzsche) about walking
“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

Who knows you are a developing philosopher :smiley: Stay blessed and keep posting!! I would like to hear more about you.

She’ll bless me when she wants, that isn’t up to me, up to now she has despised me and hasn’t blessed me.

She’s a bit partial to be honest, and just a tad bit selective, and perhaps slightly contradictory.

Yeah, thats one of the problems actually, otherwise id be gone right now, maybe scouring antarctica for a bit.

It’s these bodies, they are just plain wrong in almost everyway.

If you see around you you would find that you are already blessed with many blessings. Do you enjoy listening to music or watching birds? It is a kind of blessing. Your being here on this forum is a blessing. Being able to talk and tell others what are you feeling is a blessing too. There is no one except you decide if you want to count it or not…What do you say? By the way, if you don’t mind who is she that you are talking about?