My tongue keeps being weird

It hurts under my chin tonight cause i think my tongue wont relax. It wants to move up forward with the tip between my teeth. I move it back and relax it and it just inches forward again. Im starting to worry it could be the very early beginning of TD since i did before have mild TD movements in my tongue which had me switched to clozapine (which i couldnt stand so back on haldol at a lower dose tho). Anyone know?


It could be. Mention it to your pdoc and see what they think.

I would but i wont have one til they replace her. She moved away in june and she said maybe they would have the replacement in December but didn’t know how long.

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l had exactly the same problem lately. Try to use anti Colinetgic meds as it could be EPS of the toungh. Take two twice a day. The anti Parkinson’s drugs I think of is Cogentin, decipal, lysantin and akineton ( European brand names). I diid take akineton 3 pills instead of two and that solved that minor problem. If that side effect doesn’t solve in 14 days then I will advice you to talk to your doctor about being placed back on Clozapine because it’s said not to cause movement disorder’s in most people.

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I have cogentin so i guess i could try it and see what happens.

My tongue has been feeling weird the last couple of days too.

It feels horrible and not like itself.

I want my tongue to feel like itself again.

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@columbus . We don’t prescribe. That is the job of a doctor and not someone on the internet. Please refrain from giving advice in those terms.

I want to excuse that I gave any kind of advice I think that I some how didn’t use my abilities to reasoning. Please contact your doctors as soon as possible because this side effect is very serious.

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