My therapist always asks if I'm taking my meds

I told her I haven’t been taking the diabetes or cholesterol meds but everything else. When I donated blood two weeks ago they told me my cholesterol was 158. It’s supposed to be less than 160, and the last time my nurse practitioner checked it, it was around 100. I guess a good diet doesn’t make much a difference. I’m back on my cholesterol and diabetes meds now, so I’m taking everything I have been prescribed.


I hope I never have to see a therapist again. I don’t need their judgment,


As I understand it, exercise helps the cholesterol numbers.

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How do you feel with your counselor getting involved in your self-care like how you take your meds?

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I’m fine with it. I think she’s mostly concerned that I’m taking my psych meds, as I have been have positive symptoms this summer. She’s a part of my psychiatric care team.

Not to belittle that. I’m big into self-care, and I like a therapist’s interest in that for me.

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Sometimes, cholesterol is just genetic. My mom is chronically underweight and has chronically high cholesterol

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Well my blood pressure is great this morning even though the steroids are supposed to elevate it. I have very little pain this morning and my BP is 138/70 which is good for me. I think the pain must be elevating my BP.

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For those that haven’t heard I take a round of steroids every three months for my bursitis which is really painful. I was misdiagnosed with arthritis, but a rheumatologist determined I have bursitis. The good thing about it is it can be treated with steroids, where with arthritis there’s not much can do other than a hip replacement.

I go to a rheumatologist. He’s made a couple diagnostic calls heat I appreciate.

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