My symptoms and how conspiracies fuel them

I understand that schizophrenia already makes me susceptible to paranoia and big picture thinking.

The mind is like a pattern making machine. We connect patterns to things we do not understand. Logic has helped me overcome some of the worst paranoid delusions I have had, thanks to a patient and understanding father who would help explain both the irrational and beliefs I had rationalized.

I have learned terms like: fixed beliefs, magical thinking, etc. and how the consciousness is still not fully understood. So having schizophrenia does not have to verify there is no external presence of God, or that we carry on after our human bodies are gone. I just hope that we are given the chance to further explore the realms of consciousness and creativity.

Sometimes the best way to overcome a delusion is not to confirm it. Like for instance with Donald Trump he could easily play on people’s collective fears or thoughts to channel the flow of information.

Not saying what he said was right or wrong, but thats the issue. Society as a whole could have a collective delusion and we’d know no different.

Facts are agreed upon evidence…

If I could get rid of my schizophrenia I woudn’t though, because I dont know what it is or what caused it so why take it away before fully understanding those implications. To me schizophrenia is nothing like cancer of the mind. I hope they find a cure for cancer and Im sure they will one day find a cure for schizophrenia that will shed light onto what caused it.

Its so difficult to have beliefs and experiences that dont match with mainstream tropes.

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