It's good to be king

Well, I work as a janitor; I’ve been with this company for 4 years. I’ve had 20 or thirty different jobs in my life. I’ve worked in many department stores, like Target, Macy’s, J.C.Penny’s etc. A couple gas stations, a couple driving jobs, many restaurants. I was even a Park ranger for two years. But this job is my favorite job out of all of them. Really. For starters, it’s only ten minutes from my house…When I was a Park Ranger I had to commute about ten miles through rush hour traffic, it was often bumper to bumper traffic. And I often had to work by myself at night in a deserted park out in the boonies (seventies slang) Not good for my paranoia!!! But this job is easy, no heavy lifting like when I unloaded trucks for 4 years at Sears. No long hours. It actually pays better than my Park Ranger job. When I worked at Sears I was making $6.14 an hour and I worked my ass off. Now I am making $9.50 an hour. Anyway, as a janitor I do the same thing every day, few surprises. I think a lot of people would see that as a negative thing, but for me, predictability is a positive thing. I’ve NEVER had a job until this job where the time fly’s by so fast.
Anyway, I’m on a 5 man crew. Two weeks ago my bosses house flooded when a pipe burst. The same weekend his sister-in-law tragically died in a hiking accident when she fell seventy feet onto some rocks in front of her husband and her young daughter. So he’s dealing with a lot, with a ruined carpet and property damage and a funeral to go to. So he took time off and left me in charge of the job and the crew. Well it’s going on three weeks now and so far no major problems. I’ve tried to be a fair and nice boss, but then my co-workers started trying to get away with stuff. TWO times I asked them to do something and they weaseled out of it. The women is going through a hard time and I tried to be easy on her but she took that as weakness and weaseled out of what I told her to do. I’m not worried. I will not be so lenient next time. If they want to insult me by slacking off than I will ORDER them do their job, whether they feel like doing it or not. It’s nothing personal I have against them but they are getting paid to work and it is VERY inappropriate of them to not do what I say. You just can’t be nice to some people. But the best part of handling this responsibility was when the owner of the company I work for called and asked if I could work for two hours on Easter Sunday cleaning this historical house she has a contract with . I said sure. Then she started gushing over me! She called me her hero, lol. And she called me sweet potato (whatever that means), and thanked me profusely for helping out. But I won’t count my chickens before they’re hatched. One foot in front of the other. I’ll probably be in charge another week or two.Any way, this is a positive vent!!


“the owner of the company I worked for” a different company than the one you work for now? Or the one you work for now? Are you getting a reputation? Wow, your boss chose you !!! I’m impressed.

Sorry. WORK for presently. I edited it and fixed it.

Wow, that’s very impressive Nick. Good for you – it’s nice to be recognized for your hard work.

Sweet potato, sounds like she might be from the South. We like sweet potatoes down here lol.

Good for you Nick! Glad your being fair, and not let all the power go to your head (joke). Make those people do their work, i agree, I never went to work to make friends, I went to do my job I was paid for, but if others became friends that was good, but not the requirement.
Friends and work don’t usually mix.

Very cool Nick. I’m glad things are going your way. Hope you have a good one while being the guy in charge.