It should have been my day off

So my company where I got hired dissolved and our janitor crew was taken over by a new company. And just like I tell you guys all the time; my new company hires disabled people.Yes, there’s places like this around. This was in July. The new company has people visit us at our work site almost every week to see how we’re doing, and how we’re feeling and to help us with any problems we have. It’s usually a couple women and they are really nice. In fact I’ve met almost everyone in the company and they are all nice. Well today was supposed to be my day off, but the big boss called a meeting with all the employees. We discussed our benefits and then we had a luncheon at Chili’s (a popular restaurant here). About 12 of us met at the restaurant and the company treated us to lunch, whatever we wanted. The owner of the company was there. I was kind of stupid about ordering. Other people were ordering steaks and ribs and platters of food, I got a lousy tostada. But anyway, they took pictures of everybody to put in their newsletter and at the VERY end we had a little ceremony. The big boss, the assistant manager and my supervisor made a speech and then handed out these brass medals on a ribbon that you can hang around your neck like olympic medals. AND they also handed out $25.00 Safeway gift cards. They called us up in front of the group, thanked us for our hard work and shook our hand.It was pretty cool. And THEN the owner said that our old company was supposed to have given us wristwatches after being their for 5 years. So he gave us our “belated” wristwatches. It’s like I say, I stumbled upon this job and found another niche. The job is not too hard, very little stress, good bosses. Anyway that’s my day.


You are doing well Nick - holding on to a good job, going to a restaurant with your co workers.
Good for you - More power to you

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Glad to know that you’re doing well, Nick. Sounds like a great company to work for.

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Sounds like fun. I hope the company I eventually work for is as nice.


Great emplyees and great company ! Glad you had a nice day, 77nick77.

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As I read the headline I thought this was somebody complaining, when I saw your name I thought no it must be different. Great news I wish you every happiness man you are a hard worker and deserve to be motivated for that. But I would have ordered steak and ribs, by the way I notice about myself that I only get happy when there is a meal time and I seem to know how well to treat myself with the best food as I think it is one of the few things that are still remaining from my old self before my onset, I used to enjoy food and I still do. That was off topic. Again congratulations I say on having such a wonderful job and great colleguse and bosses. You’re my man.

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wow that’s cool, good companies who treat their employee’s with respect in my experience is rare…good on you…they sound like really decent people.
take care :alien: