My struggle

I’ve been lurking around this site for a while but have not yet ranted at you all about my woes. Time to change all of that!

My biggest struggle is that my doctor refuses to diagnose me with schizophrenia when I’m certain it is what I have. I’m on antipsychotics so currently don’t have any positive symptoms but have severe cognitive and negative symptoms. These are so bad that I can’t work. Whenever I bring this up with my doctor he just dismisses it as anxiety, but this is more than anxiety. Both my partner and family don’t think I have schizophrenia either and get mad when I bring it up. I’m so exhausted by everything and I’m almost wishing for a psychotic episode so that everyone believes me. I feel so alone and sad. I just know this will wear my partner down and he will leave me too.


Did the pdoc give you antipsychotics for what he sees as anxiety?

What are your symptoms of what you see is sz can I ask?

Why do you want the label of schizophrenia?

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Trust me dude you do not want a psychotic episode it’s a living hell

What symptoms did you have, prior to being on antipsychotics, that lead you to believe you have schizophrenia?

I have been diagnosed with psychotic depression so I did have a psychotic episode previously and that’s why I’m on antipsychotics. The doctor wants to try taking me off them though and I’m terrified.

Mainly delusions of reference as well as hallucinations where I would see people who weren’t really there

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I’ve had one so I know how awful it is

Because then the severity of my negative and cognitive symptoms would be recognised, as well as the fact that I can’t work.

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sorry to hear that. in the uk we have the choice to stay on them if we do not feel ready to come off.


I can understand you wanting the diagnosis.
Hallucinations, whether auditory, tactile or visual can impair your thinking, causing the negative cognitive symptoms.

I would keep working with the doctor or find another pdoc that works better with you.
The relationship between doctor and patient is extremely important for cases of schizophrenia.


Sounds like you are not receiving proper treatment if you are struggling and your medical team isn’t helping you. Can you request a new pDoc. I know if I am not happy with any of my medical team, I can request a different pDoc, Therapist, case manager. Sorry you are going having such a difficult time.


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