My state for whom are interested, i dont want to bore anybody

hi to all. in fact in one hand i have some kind troubles talking. its painfull for me. i dont feel any positive emotions. on the other hand, i have rage,irritability and the most disabling symptom is that i am stupid. my brain is like shut down… haldol helps the derealization but it made me too excited. i think i prefer the sedation of the zyprexa even of the fact that i am hypoboulic also… i have a severe paranoia as well…
haldol is getting worse, i will talk to my pdoc tomorrow. i cant even go out to take my meds if it will be invega. so probably ill be on zyprexa 10 mg…
my main question is if zyprexa can help my shuted brain, make the things more positives for me or ill remain stupid?i am ill probably since 13 years so probably it will take time… but i think, i ll say no to haldol tomorrow…

I have a lot of derealization issues as well. Hope things turn up for you.

Zyprexa might be a good med for you. The only way to find out is to try it.

thanks crimby,ill look my food on it,its not such big problem… i am just questioning myself if it can help my shuted brain and to have positive emotions? somebody who got better on zyprexa?

Zyprexa was the first drug my son was put on. It did great for him. I wish I could get him on it now.
It does cause weight gain for a lot of people.

I became myself on Zyprexa. But I had serious side effects on it so I had to stop. Was on 20 mg. Got access to my brain and feelings.

I’m on Abilify now. Way better than Flupentixol. But I suffer from negative symptoms and a shut down brain. No creativity. That really stinks.

I’m on saphris right now and that’s done a lot. Don’t just not take your med though. That’s not good for you.

But I can sympathize with what you’re talking about being happier asleep. I sleep over 12 hours a day now probably but I’m far happier now than I was on the lithium.

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know? - Ernest Hemmingway