My son has greatness in him

He’s so sweet and intelligent. He’s nine but he wants to be a doctor so he can help people. I wish I could raise him but I can’t but his father and stepmom take good care of him. She does have a bit of a bad temper though.


Hope he makes it far

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@Loke that’s awesome about your son!!! Are you able to see him regularly?

I see him once a year around Xmas. His stepmom was sick with cancer last year so I haven’t seen him yet but I talk to him every Thursday. I tried to send him some books to his P.O. Box but they were sent back to the warehouse bc BAM doesn’t deliver to P.O. Boxes. The Dangerous Book for Boys is a really great book if you have a young book

Aww, that’s so little time. Does he live far away?

Yeah he lives 2 hours away with his dad and stepmom. His stepmom has been sick with cancer.

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