My son is intelligent so I don’t talk to him like he’s nine

He’ll be 10 December 21. But the kid loves animals and is super smart so I talk to him like I talk to adults


I talked to my oldest daughter like that. She was always smart- too smart for her own good!


Did you ever post a picture of your son @Loke? I remember seeing some of your daughter.

His grandmother bought him the Superman outfit when he was 2. We used to call him Super Sam. You can see in the top pic he’s reading the almanac

After he was born Mental Illness exploded for me. That’s why he lives with his father.


I think it’s very important for parents to treat their children with respect, to talk WITH them and not down on them. it helps their confidence and helps them mature in a healthy way. Btw your son sounds like a lovely young man!

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He’s so precious! Thanks for sharing.

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My cousin’s daughter is like that from what my aunt says.

He wants a goat for Xmas. Haha. Step Grandmother (whom he lives with) says definitely not. I wish I could give him a bunny but dad will probably say no. We have bunnies

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My parents still talk to me like I’m 9.

I asked them Once why they they treat me different than they treat the rest of their kids, and they said it’s because I’d never be able to support myself on ‘whatever I get from disability.’ I told them that was bigoted. Lol

You have beautiful children. We don’t talk down to our children either. I think it helps their vocabulary and learn words they hear from us. They are very expressive, including my five year old.


Wow I wish I was that interested in books when I was 9.

I only started looking at books like that when I turned 20.

I always have spoken to children plainly and like I do with most adults. Sure you don’t go down certain roads but a lot of my cousins growing up used to say…I like Paul. He talks to me properly. Kids do appreciate it if you approach them more as people and not kids.


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