My sister made another serious attempt

I’m not gonna even say the word around here. But you know.
It just gets me down you know.
And what can doctors really say about it.

I’m not going to cry in a beer either.

I know how you feel. not my actual sister, but very close like one, she’s my cousin, was in (and out of… only a few times) treatment from the age 14 until she was a legal adult. she’s even been back to HSC (only of the more popular treatment centers in my state) and I’ve seen her do and say a lot of sad and scary things.

We all do sad and scary things.
But that’s ok. I’ll just take another pill you see.

Sorry to hear. Hope you feel better


Hope you and your sister better. :heart:


Thanks all feeling better now.

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All the best for you and your sister, hope things get smoother.

Bless, where you involved in the incident?

I’ve had to get friends help after some serious incidents.

I sometimes second guess myself and wonder what would have happened had I not been their!

The crisis phone lines do offer help 24/7 and have a number of local resources that can help more. Main thing when supporting someone is look after your mental health first and foremost.

No she was with her own family.
Though I may ask them how she horded so many pills. This was 3rd time?!?

I wondered when my friend did that if she had been taking them regularly.

She also had lots from each admission when she ‘saved’ some.

Some Dr’s resort to only prescribing a week at a time, which is annoying constantly going to the Dr’s.