My sister is home today

She gets out in a few hours. There was some other stuff beyond the ulcers like the iron deficiency and the anemia and the low white blood cell count but they have a plan to make all that better. What ever they were keeping an eye out for didn’t happen so she gets to come home today… :sun_with_face:

Everyone… Thank you for the good vibe and the kind words and giving me idea on how not to flip out. I still did to an extent… but not as badly as I have in past. I know it’s all just beginning. There will be a lot of work now to address all this extra stuff. But the internal bleeding is stopped and now she can start to get healthy again.

She’s dropping one class so she’ll be at three classes instead of four. Two of them she transfered to on-line so she can slow down the pace. Her boss cut her shifts at her job so she’ll be working a little under 20 instead of 30 or more. Dad is going to help with a few of her car insurance bills and stuff so she’ll be able to work less.

She did admit it’s going to be hard for a bit because she is used to a high stress diet. So not eating that much stress will be odd. So everything is going to change some more. poor kid. But next weekend we really are getting out of here and just getting away from Seattle and going to go surf at Ocean shores. Our brother Jack and his family want’s to come too. He says he’s never taken his kids surfing… Wow, an old beach guard like him…
:surfer: :ocean:

Thank you all again for the calm advice and good hope. I can already feel the shift in the weather… It taste like Mellon Ramune (my favorite Japanese soda)


So glad to hear this great news! Things are getting better. And I hope they continue to get better day after day.

I also hope that your stress and anxiety dissipates, and is replaced with serenity and hope!



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I do want to thank you so much for the explanation and calm knowledge. That also helped drop the stress levels. Thanks a 100, I needed that.

I’m SO glad I could help. I’m here for you guys anytime!



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Good news. I hope your sister will eat like they tell her to.

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good to hear, your sister is on the mend.

That’s great! She might be used to living under stress but I think she will get used to having less of a burden for a while.

I am thinking about dropping my most boring and obnoxious class, I am taking 16 hours but I took AP’s in high school so I can afford to take 13 hours for one semester. Over winter and summer breaks, I don’t take class, I just workout and relax. I highly functioned while very psychotic and it has emotionally scarred me, I sometimes take a day off working out or school and just cry and sit around, and then I go back and highly function again.

Stress can take tolls on your body…this is documentary features my favorite wizard, Robert Sapolsky, I posted his lecture on Schizophrenia in the news section a while back. This is a good thing to watch, it is very informative about what stress can do to the body and mind.

Im so happy to hear that you and her are both OK!

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so glad to hear the news on your sister! sounds like a nice family filled weekend. Hope you have a great time! Surfing in January sounds awesome. couldn’t do that hear that’s for sure. :wink:

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This is a cool video. Thank you for posting it. My sis eats stress for breakfast lunch and dinner. This might also give her something to ponder.

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It’s good to hear she’s OK.

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Top 10 super foods that soothe stress. :sunny:

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I am glad things are better for you J - and for your sister.

Glad to hear the good news about your sister.

I’m glad your sister is alright. :smile:

good news j. so glad she’s gonna b ok. xxx

thats great people are all trying to help her in some way, it makes you thiink that there are nice people in the world, people who have the welfare of others in mind and not just thinking about themselves all the time.

you have been great dealing with this, i know how hard it can be so lets just hope there are no more problems like this for us in the future.

keep surfing x

Wishing you and your sister the best.